ACC’s Social Media Forum

Leslie will be a featured speaker at Austin Community College’s Social Media Forum on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at the ACC Eastview Campus. She will be discussing what it means to be a social media professional, how the field is growing and evolving, and how to get a job in social media in Austin. Using her perspective as a social media consultant and a board member for the Social Media Club of Austin, Leslie will cover trends, tools, and expectations for those who are already in the field of social business or considering entering it.

Leslie is proud to serve on the Advisory Committee for ACC’s Social Media Certification program and to help launch the college’s social media course offerings.

RISE 2012 Session: “PowerPointless”

Leslie will be presenting her “PowerPointless” program at RISE Austin 2012 on Tuesday, March 27th in the Turnstone Bus at 2:00 p.m. The bus will be parked at the Village Shopping Center at 2700 Anderson Ln, near Link Coworking.

In “PowerPointless: Interactive Presentation Strategies To Engage Any Audience,” Leslie provides a hands-on solution-oriented approach to throwing off the shackles of PowerPoint and interacting more meaningfully with an audience of any size in any venue.

RISE (Relationship and Information Series for Entrepreneurs) is a unique “unconference” for entrepreneurs that takes place over a week’s time, spread all over town in a variety of venues, at no cost to participants.