I speak, train, and coach on a variety of topics, including effective presentation strategies, social media and social engagement, improving writing skills, working with remote employees, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, team-building, and more. I develop seminars, training, speeches, or presentations that are truly customized to your organization and industry.

Here are some of my most popular programs:

PowerPointless: Interactive Presentation Strategies to Engage Any Audience

  • Introduces a variety of tools and strategies that make an audience a part of the presentation
  • Presents scenario-based ideas that break away from the boredom of the same old PowerPoint presentations that chain audiences’ eyes and attention to the screen
  • Demonstrates in a hands-on practicum how to implement a variety of visual and action-based audience engagement techniques

Planned Community: Creating Your Social Media Playbook

  • Outlines the essential components of a company’s social media strategy, implementation, and measurement plan
  • Defines the role of the social media manager
  • Suggests paths to integrating social business principles and social architecture throughout the enterprise

Far Out! Reaching Your Remote Workforce

  • Presents reasons to consider outsourcing parts of your business to independent professionals
  • Provides guidance in finding, screening, and managing remote workers
  • Develops customized ideas for team-building and maintaining a sense of company unity when a significant number of employees are remote

Artful Articulation: Developing Your Organization’s Online Voice

  • Analyzes the voices of real organizations whose web and social media content are strong, consistent, and unique
  • Provides guidance in developing an authentic and engaging persona and voice for your organization
  • Establishes a process for generating a company style guide that can be used by all stakeholders throughout the organization


Past speaking engagements have included Wordcamp, RISE Austin, Austin Community College’s Social Media Forum, Texas State University’s Mass Communications Week, Austin Community College’s Faculty and Staff Training Conference, San Diego Comic Con, the Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory’s Public Outreach and Art Appreciation Day, the Texas Career Education Conference, and numerous product and project launches for clients.

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